Sunday, 4 January 2015

Of Triathlons and Trilogies

Alas, this blog cries, whimpers and screeches for attention.  I've been distracted by different projects and self-inflicted obligations like doing triathlons.  I really don't race triathlons; it's more like I whack away at them.  I find that swimming, running and cycling keep my endorphins high enough to be able to sit down at an artboard doing finicky art for hours on end.

A couple of months ago I was contacted by one of my favourite Sheridan College instuctors, Clemente Botelho. Clemente takes a motley crew of Sheridan students on a study trip to Italy for five or six weeks every year and I'd been able to go along halfway through my four-year stint at Sheridan.  To celebrate the trip's tenth year, he was putting together the gallery show Il Dolce Dieci, or The Sweet Ten.  He asked us to re-visit our experience, and to produce new work for the show.  I had been fiddling with an idea for a piece based on the triathlon, and wanted it to be an homage to Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.  Clemente is a serious cyclist, I'm a cyclist, Italy is huge on cycling and bike design, and the ideas finally morphed in my brain.  I loved working on this, and since I ended up devoting it entirely to cycling, I've decided to do a trilogy, with the second and third pieces represented swimming and running.  Work has begun!  I've also been monkeying with cropping the original in different ways.  Kinda liking the purple hue.

Veloce Man Crop One