Monday, 18 July 2011

Favourite Word #6: Caravaggio

Caravaggio.  That's all there is to say. 

I've just completed and submitted a piece to Pentimento Fine Art Gallery on Queen East in Toronto.  They're an eclectic gallery with an eye to promoting new talent.  Pentimento Gallery  They've just closed their call for submissions for their upcoming 'Homegirls' show; a request was put out for artists to portray Canadian heroines of their choice.  Emily Carr was mine...she was just so kooky.  And brilliant.  They'll choose thirty pieces from the submissions for their exhibit.  Wish me luck!  To make it even more fun, the winning work from those thirty will adorn the exterior wall of the gallery for one year.  Akimbo, an art and film promotions company, is managing the competition.  Akimbo  

Jay Perry is a young photographer who excels at capturing the human element.  He recently traveled to Haiti and took a series of stunning photographs that remind us that there is still joy in Haiti.  Have a look.  Jay Perry Photography

Yippee-ki-yay!  For all you lovers of that hard-rockin', short-livin' master painter Caravaggio, he's here straight from Italy playing for a limited time only at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.  Chiaroscuro road trip anyone?  Caravaggio

Another avid promoter of new talent is Annie Koyama at Koyama Press.  With a keen eye for emerging writers and artists, Annie has a talent for getting them out there and getting them published!  See how many of her publishees are familiar to you!  Koyama Press  

Next post:  some new work by yours truly...

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