Thursday, 7 July 2011

Favourite Word #5: Pollywog

Pollywog: a way better word than 'tadpole'.  Comes from the Old English words for 'wiggling head'.

James Street North Art Crawl in Hamilton tomorrow!  My first stop will be the Zoo show at Loose Cannon Gallery, showcasing several Sheridan alumni including Dushan Milic, Jacqui Oakley and Jen Hsieh.  Art Crawl July 8

Hamilton Print Studio summer courses and workshops are finally posted...seemed to take SO long!  I have one eye on a basic drypoint workshop, "It's All About the Line" and the other on a week-long introduction to several printmaking techniques.  Which means I'm a little walleyed.

Two artists and classmates at Sheridan whose work I deeply envy are Alex Gorodskoy and Mike Everett.
Alex handles a mean four-colour ballpoint pen, and his work is so colourful and frenetic his webpage should come with a warning for those susceptible to seizures.  Mike Everett goes so far out of the box he's ricocheting around the solar system.  Both of these guys are award-winners and mold-breakers with great websites.
Alex Gorodskoy

Mike Everett

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