Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Never Stop Moving

Carrying on with severe triathlon training as if I know what I'm doing.  Luckily, I have Gord and Esther and the rest of the gang at Runners Den Hamilton to mentor and coach me and occasionally to laugh at me.  In a nice way.

On a running note, I have posted on my website some illustration work I did for Team Unbreakable.  Team Unbreakable is a group running out of St. Joseph's Healthcare in Hamilton.  The hospital has undertaken an extensive study through the Mood Disorder Clinic to determine the effects of running and exercise on youth with mood disorders including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders.  Esther Pauls and I have been helping with the running side of the study.  In short, we get to run with a fantastic group of young adults out of the clinic, and each series of sessions concludes with them running their first 5k road race!  For the design for their t-shirts and jackets, I took the 'unbreakable' concept and designed a slightly steam-punk running shoe consisting of metal bike chain, chain link, ironclad steel, rivets, and gear cogs to suggest resilience and strength.  I felt that by offsetting the 'able' in 'unbreakable' the positive aspects of working as a team would be emphasized.  Follow the link to my webpage for a look!

Family photo from 1935 of a little bathing beauty...wet wool bathing costumes must have been very droopy indeed!


Cameron Helps/Team Unbreakable

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