Monday, 7 January 2013

Turbochargers Engaged

Ah, a brand new year, and a lovely number: 2013 (I love 13).  So much to do, so many challenges, so much fun!  So many self-inflicted wounds!  Have signed up for a marathon and multiple triathlons.  Have bandied the "H-I" thing about recklessly.  H-I is, of course, a Half-Ironman.  And you know what happens after you do one of those...things really get stupid.  I hereby declare myself exempt from any obligation to any commitments mentioned here in the event that I should break a leg, break my head, crash, drown, slip and fall on ice or goose poop (or icy goose poop) while running, expel body fluids from any orifice in my body at a rate that causes delirium and/or unconsciousness, as well as any other unforeseen and woefully unfortunate circumstances during preparation and training towards these said commitments.

Fortunately, illustration-wise, other than accidental pen & ink tattoos, brutal paper cuts, and sticking a toxic cadmium yellow paintbrush in my mouth instead of a carrot stick, I should remain at least physically safe.  Website has been updated and upgraded; feeling as though things are all pulling together.  So much work to do, so little time!

Have been rediscovering wonderful vintage family photos; will start popping up an occasional pic for perusal!  Try and guess the year.

I fear Aunt Mae may have been a little walleyed.

Two shops to take a peek at: one in Hamilton and one in Oakville.  One just opened to rave reviews and one is hugely anticipated.  Can't stop shopping in the first one and can't wait to shop in the second one!  A couple of great guys are responsible for Branch Design on King West in Hamilton and fellow illustrator and Sheridan Grad cutie-pie Darcy Allan is responsible for Tea With Gladys opening in February on Lakeshore in Oakville.  Come to think of it...these two businesses complement each other beautifully!

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