Thursday, 14 February 2013

I love her, but she's an uggo.

My Valentine sentiment is directed toward the brindle boxer in our lives, who is googly-eyed, hairy and snaggle-toothed.  Marty Feldman had nothing on these eyes, but we love her even if we can't tell which of us she's looking at. 

Tomorrow, February 15th is the Dr. Rodney Benefit Dinner in support of a Haitian physician, Dr. Rodney Baptiste.   Dr. Rodney's story is an extraordinary one, and he is, with the use of a military personnel carrier that has been converted to a medical clinic, attempting to provide medical care to isolated communities in Haiti.  The dinner is at the Ancaster Agricultural Grounds at 6 pm, and Dr. Rodney will be in attendance.

Still training for triathlons in the cold.  Don't mind the cold so much, but I despise the treacherous footing.  Running on a thin layer of snow and ice makes all your muscles bunch unnaturally and gives you a really stiff, awkward gait.  And it hurts.  Plus you look like an idjit running in the winter.  On the positive side, my eyes tend to water and tear up in the wind and the cold, so I grow these lovely lash-cicles, which I consider a badge of honour.  And it's better than having snot-sicles.  Next run, 25k or bust.

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