Sunday, 17 March 2013

Lavender Cats and Cloud Grey Ink

I have fallen deeply and irretrievably in love with something French.  I've been experimenting and searching for what seems like forever for the perfect drawing inks: those with enough depth to draw the eye, enough translucency to add lightness, a clean, even flow, and colours that delight my soul.  I've finally found them in J. Herbin inks.  J. Herbin inks have been in Paris since the Sun King danced in high heels at Versailles.  The inks also have stunning and beautifully-named colours.  I used Gris Nuage (Grey Cloud) for the portrait of a friend's luscious grey cat.  Her coat has a hint of lavender in it, as does the ink, so it was a perfect choice.

And for the icing on the gateau, (sorry, unsure how to add French accents), the inks come in beautiful packaging with great graphic design, and each ink bottle has in an indentation in the top in which to rest your pen!      J. Herbin Inks

I've also finally found the nib that is my heart's delight: the No. 102 crow quill nib.  It's tiny, strong, can produce superfine or fine lines, and holds ink forever.  Now I just have to find a paper that doesn't shred and clump as it becomes dank with ink.

I've come across an amazing photo of my grandmother, and her siblings and cousins from I think about 1918.  I especially love this photo because it's not posed and formal, it's just a bunch of kids being goofy and having fun a hundred years ago.  Things really haven't changed all that much.

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