Saturday, 27 July 2013

There's this guy I know...

 Aaron Leighton is a former instructor of mine, drawing buddy and very clever guy with a big heart.  He is also the artist for Sago Sago, a Toronto company that designs giggle-inducing apps for little kids.  Sago Mini Forest Flyer is free and is available for iPhone and iPad.  Have a peek at and have a go at their other apps.  I'm greatly anticipating future progeny just so I can justify having these!

Another old (but young) friend is Adam Higson, a Muay Thai kickboxing champion, personal trainer, and owner of the Diablo Fitness & Combat Club.  Adam is a very tough guy who presents an intimidating exterior, but inside he's a complete mush-ball.  He's just moved his gym to Dundas, Ontario, which is technically a part of Hamilton.  I'm doing some logo work for Adam, so watch for his signs!  

Adam Higson

I recently contributed a piece to the Green Man show after a call for work by the Nook Collective in Kensington Market.  There were some fabulous pieces there, although the crowd was so intense I'm sure I didn't get to see them all!  The Green Man is an iconic figure signifying spring and rebirth that appears across many cultures.  I took my representation from Celtic folklore, and used the Scottish Gaelic for 'green man',  fear uaine as my title and inspiration.  Again, I'm having a love affair with J. Herbin inks and used Cafe des Iles for its earthy warm tones.  I wanted my figure to be gnarly (in the tree-bark sense), to be a creature who would meld into the forest, and to be benevolent but slightly malevolent.

The final guy I'd like to mention is another drawing buddy, Rob Collinet.  I couldn't resist one of Rob's contributions to the Green Man show, and he is now a happy resident of my front porch (the Green Man, not Rob).

Thanks, guys!

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