Friday, 24 June 2011

(After #4, cuz I'm a twit) Favourite Word #3: Calliope

Calliope:  A steam-whistle organ AND the Greek muse of eloquence & poetry!  How cool is that?  (Pronounced ka-lie-a-pee).  Next blog I'll introduce made-up words that should become facts of life.

When's the last time you had to watch out for a fast-moving island?

I've mentioned this before, but SO excited about July 8 James Street North Art Crawl in Hamilton; ZOO art exhibit is happening, which includes several Sheridan Illustration alumni, including Jacqui Oakley and Dushan Milic...can't stand the wait.

Another Sheridan alumnist, Marco Cibola, whose work (and mentoring) I deeply appreciate:

German director & actor Werner Herzog reads Where's Waldo?.  Seriously.  Very seriously.

On Kayla Cassivi's advice, I picked up Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills from Chapters.  She and I are going to meet weekly to work through the challenges and absorb caffeine.  I'll let you know how we like it!

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