Friday, 10 June 2011

Favourite Word #1: Nightingale

There are single words that I like the sound of, the meaning of and the feel of on my lips.  I'm going to throw them out there randomly, no particular hierarchy.  What are your favourites? 

To follow up on my last blog, I received Robin Clugston's book Adventures in Nutrition from Blurb pronto-quick: it's  fun to look at and read, and makes me hungry at the same time.  And thanks for the ideas for flowers to include in my going-to-be-book!  I'm going to use them all!

James Street North Art Crawl is tonight in downtown Hamilton.  Music, galleries, studios, coffee shops; just a few of my favourite things. 

The Hamilton Print Studio is holding a lottery to raise money for art programs for high-needs schools in Hamilton; 100 works of art have been donated, and tickets are being sold to win one of these pieces in a lottery.  Great idea, great cause!  Consider donating a piece of art in the future if you can't manage the price of a ticket!

There isn't enough digital content in my work for me to enter, but for those of you out there with a creative bent and a way with a mouse, the Adobe Design Achievement Awards is accepting submissions: 

Alex Holton, a family friend who came close to losing his life when he experienced an aortic dissection five years ago, and his girlfriend Vanessa Parlette are cycling across Canada to raise funds for Cardiac Health.  They're in the Rocky Mountains at the moment, and their blog is a great read.  I'll be following them all the way:

Back to work; I have a bottle of Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Sepia ink and a pen and nib staring balefully at me.


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