Monday, 20 June 2011

Favourite Word #4: Nonsensical

'Nonsensical' slips off of the tongue and has a meaning that I tend to live by most of the time, except for when I'm not, which is on occasion constant.  It's just a pretty word, dammit.

Suren Perera is an expat Australian animator who knows nothing about Canadian beer but a lot about quirky animation.  Check out some of the clips at Renmotion; especially the "Dukes of Broxstonia".  Disgustingly entertaining.  Dukes of Broxstonia

The Print Studio, Hamilton:  Where is your summer workshop info?  It's summer tomorrow.  I'd like to do a printmaking workshop, but I need to plan ahead!  Pretty please put it up?

Finding the need for more structure in my schedule; trying to fit in illustration, running, cycling, swimming, family, dawg, house, catching up with old friends.  No time for navel-gazing.  Two illustration pieces by the end of this week and lots of roughs.   

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